Monday, December 21, 2009

Video Production Final

Here's the final for my Video Production class. I've recently been introduced to the world of video editing and I love it. It's a rough cut but enjoy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In This World Once Lived an Innocent Boy

Brother lonely only comes out at night
He likes to be blind, in the dark
It’s calming
He doesn’t have to see where he’s stepping this way

Brother lonely makes my stomach turn at the thought of him
His body is touched by many
He’s soiled
Left with nothing but a blank stare to recollect those events

Brother lonely smiles but I know his furtive character
His secret is overwhelming
It’s surfacing
I can see it through his skin now

Brother lonely is confused by the minds of mongrels
He doesn’t have a chance, they say
I disagree
He has anticipated hope for so long. Now he needs to reach

Grace is ringing in his ears, constantly sounding

He’s drifting, drifting away

Dear brother, I can barely reach you anymore

I love you

Come home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hollowed Out

With one deep breath, it’s as if God’s hand is literally reaching down inside of my body, and with one strong scoop, I’m hollowed out. Every unwanted desire, memory, and feeling is detached from its roots that were once buried in the deepest parts of me.As if I’ve just purged myself of everything in my body, I’m overwhelmed by an empty feeling of peace.

Breathing comes easier to me now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today is the day I die

I won’t stand to be diluted by society’s standings, critically acclaimed sins, strategically placed hidden agendas, and selfish encouragements; be drained out by empty apologies and vacant promises, distracted by the misguided opportunities of glory and accolades. I will not be drawn to the sickening fantasy-driven lifestyle offered by the all too common spiritual penniless zombie. The careless act of breathing in and out will no longer be taken without an indisputable passion, felt or not, that has been left to fester, build, and ignite from a life-altering, line-crossing decision. My weak, flesh-loving body is now a part of an empowered, aware, and shameless fellowship in the spiritual realm. The unmentionable will be the common subject, uncensored and barefaced. The uncomfortable will collide with a higher calling. Jesus. His name will be heard, known, tasted, trusted, understood, coveted and extolled. The confrontational fact of saving grace will be grasped by the invisible, belligerent, dejected, lustful, forgotten, and unknown. I am a spectacle, unashamed and redeemed, a walking advertisement, a statement of commitment, a defined truth, a proof of faith, a consumed being, claimed by the blood of a carpenter. I will not comply with popularity’s call, pride’s self-seeking hunger or the benched mentality. I will not recoil. I will not sway. I will not flinch. The decision has been made, a position of influence set. I am dependent on my salvation, reliant on the stability of my unchanging Savior, indebted to His mercy. The temporary offers me nothing. It’s the eternal I’m after. My gaze is fixed, my future prepared. His heart, His purpose will be amplified through my voice, my actions, my life. I don’t want applause, I want Christ.

[Let this be more than words on a page.]